Our projects

Lagasca 99, Madrid

The Lagasca 99 Building designed by the prestigious architect D. Rafael De La Hoz is sure to become the Icon of Spanish architecture. The scale of its façade is striking, mixing materials such as glass, creating a double skin with heights of up to 7 metres of curved glass, harmoniously combined with the large marble wings weighing several tonnes, creating a great harmony with its solid tropical wood homologues. Inside the building the architect has created large spaces with living rooms of up to 100 square meters and heights exceeding 6 meters. The building consists of 44 living spaces of different types totally personalized by the owners.

Large international firms such as SieMatic have been called on for interior fittings. SieMatic has supplied 44 kitchens and 44 laundry rooms. The wardrobes and dressing rooms have been manufactured by the prestigious firm Rimadesio. The large-format armoured doors are by Oikos.

Project Recoletos

We have recently completed a new interior design project in the Paseo de Recoletos district of Madrid. A medium sized kitchen in which we have also worked on the separation with the living area, turning the kitchen into an open space with a more dynamic and varied use than just cooking.

Once inside the kitchen, the retractable doors protect and take out of sight the high end electrical appliances that have been used in the renovation. The equipment of the kitchen is very complete, as we can see in its front columns that include wine cellar, refrigerator, freezer and high-end ovens. An important detail: the integrated dishwasher is placed very high, which is more practical and ergonomic.  

Project Paseo del Prado

The ICONNO - SieMatic interior design team has recently carried out a new kitchen project in the well-known Salamanca district, in a mansion with a pronounced classical style. The living space and kitchen flow harmoniously, creating the feeling of open space without losing an ounce of elegance. Inside the kitchen, SieMatic's Pure lifestyle integrates seamlessly into classic environments with a sophisticated, timeless note.

The unsurpassed quality of the S2 line with aluminium interiors, modular accessories in solid aluminium and oak, together with soft closures with the best guarantees on the market, results in a unique and unbeatable project. The result is a spectacular kitchen perfectly integrated into the classic architecture of the house, inviting you to spend more time in it and enjoy cooking at home, without losing the spirit of elegance and refinement that you can find in a top class restaurant.

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