Your bespoke kitchen
planning project

The design of your SieMatic kitchen by Iconno is the opportunity to live a unique experience. Each step in the design of your custom made kitchen brings us closer and goes beyond your expectations. Welcome to the world dedicated to excellence, where step by step we make it your own.

Step by step: our kitchen planning at a glance.


Our first meeting is essential to make your kitchen planning project a success. First of all, we discuss together your needs, habits and way of life. We introduce you to SieMatic lifestyles and present the Iconno's philosophy and approach. In order to advance as quickly as possible, it is recommended to bring with you some images of the space to be fitted, the exact dimensions or the plan. If this is not possible, don't worry! A member of our technical team will accompany you to your place to take all the necessary measurements and prepare a specification report.


A deep understanding of your needs will allow our team of experienced kitchen designers to guide you to the SieMatic lifestyle that best suits your own: Pure, Urban or Classic. We conceptualize the design of your new kitchen by selecting the best option for your home, your family situation and your cooking habits, taking into account as well the technical specifications of your space. Whether you dream of an open kitchen with an island, a multi-level modular space or prefer a linear planning, Iconno will surprise you with its creative proposals and unique details to design a bespoke kitchen.


In the first place, we prepare conceptual floor and elevation plans, detailing areas of passage, work, cooking, washing, etc. After our first meeting when your basic needs are covered, we proceed to personalise the surfaces and colors, and take our time to study all the options of the interior equipment and lighting. Your SieMatic kitchen by Iconno is tailor made, till the smallest details.


If possible, we always advise to choose the same brand for all your appliances. These must be adapted to the needs of each person, taking into consideration the number of people in the household, as well as your life & shopping habits. We work exclusively with the best brands of household appliances and sanitary equipment, to guarantee you the best cooking experience and ensure that no technical detail disturbs the aesthetics of your high-end kitchen.


Measurement is a critical stage in every kitchen planning project. Even if you bring your own plan for our first appointment, we always prefer to check all the details and technical aspects of your home on site. Our interior designers carry out the measurements with the latest connected laser technology, allowing sharing them in real time with the team of interior designers in store.


Once the order has been placed and the measurements have been checked, we prepare the project catalogue with a contractual character, where all the components of the design of your new kitchen are detailed. Floor plans, elevations, furniture, electrical appliances and interior equipment with images, drawings of worktops with all the details for production and plans of installations to be carried out on site. Even the smallest details will be reviewed by you and our kitchen designers before putting your order into production - a guarantee of safety and perfect monitoring of your project.


Before the delivery takes place, the Iconno interior designer will check the worksite, to make sure that it meets all the requirements to carry out the installation of such a delicate and valuable product. The delivery is carried out by a team highly qualified in the treatment of the high end kitchens, always being present the kitchen designer of the Iconno team. Before starting the installation, our interior designer revises the details of the project to ensure that they are scrupulously respected. The installer works with a copy of the project catalogue that you and Iconno have previously reviewed.


The installation is carried out by experienced Iconno's in-house team, exclusively trained for SieMatic kitchen furniture, properly uniformed and equipped with the latest Bosch machinery. Our own team is in charge of the entire assembly process, including the first superficial cleaning of your kitchen, as well as the installation of interior accessories and electrical appliances. Once the installation is finished, the Iconno kitchen designer will carry out a final check together with you to verify that everything is to your liking.


You don't have to worry about anything - Iconno specialises in turnkey solutions! Once the installation is finished, an Iconno specialist will carry out a thorough cleaning of the furniture, focusing on all interior details, moving parts etc. Afterwards, our technical service will take care of the start-up and demonstration of the appliances, and provide you with the necessary information & advice on cleaning and maintenance. You just bring your smile...


The SieMatic kitchen by Iconno shows its full potential with use and the passage of time, proving that smart design remains timeless and functional. Iconno will always be at your side to ensure your total satisfaction. We offer our customers an exclusive maintenance service 12 months after the installation of the kitchen. During this visit we also advise you how to modify your usage and habits to ensure the best maintenance of furniture and appliances.

Each project begins with listening

What we like most is to create happy customers. Every kitchen planning project is a journey to make together. We will be by your side at every stage of the process, to create with you the kitchen of your dreams and guarantee an unforgettable experience.